Structural and Customized

We specialize in timely turnaround structural fabrication including critical engineering and design problem solving. From standard heavy metal fabrication to urgent structural and production needs, St. Cloud provides precision and outstanding service.

Services include: Light, Medium, and Heavy Structural Fabrication, Plate Steel Fabrication, Miscellaneous Steel, Custom Fabrications, Land Rig Packages, Masts / Substructures. Offshore Structures. Equipment Skid Assemblies. Skidded Packages, Production Module Packages, Modular Fabrication, Process Equipment Skids, Oil Field Components (Onshore and Offshore), Offshore Cranes, Derricks, Platforms, Draw Works Frames, Offshore Riser Handling, Systems, Industrial Structural, Rolled Cones, Formed Cones, Transitions: Square to Square, Square to Round, Round to Round, Derrick Legs, V-Door Ramp, Box-On-Box Substructure, Riser Cart, Crane Booms, Platform Base for Crane Pedestal, Watertight Doors, Round Duct, Flat Panel Duct, Hoppers, Walkway Access, Handrail, Ladders, Stairs. Steel Joists, Decking, Joist, Joist Girders, Bridging, Roof Deck, Floor Deck, Heavy Duty Application, Painting/Coating System Application

Piping/Pressure Vessels

Piping – St. Cloud routinely produces piping spool sizes ranging from ½” diameter small bore up to 60” diameter large bore piping. Both of our shops are equipped with the state of the art welding equipment and highly qualified professionals, enabling us to provide competitive pricing and timely delivery for our customers.

St. Cloud is highly qualified to produce piping spools and assemblies for all grades of: carbon steel stainless steel chrome-moly chrome alloys (Including P91) high alloy nickel base alloy hastelloy low temperature duplex grade aluminum and many other alloy materials.

Pressure Vessels – With in-house design & fabrication, a comprehensive Quality Control Program, talented & experienced staff, and some of the best welding equipment available, we provide pressure vessel services that customers can count on. This includes vertical scrubbers, horizontal separators, tube exchangers (that meet ASME & TEMA specifications), filter vessels, compressors, and pump package pressure vessels. All pressure vessels fabricated by us are registered with The National Board.

Fabrication Quality

AWS certified welding inspectors

VT visual testing

RT radiography testing

UT ultrasonic testing

PAUT phased array ultrasonic testing

MT magnetic particle testing

PT dye penetrant testing

ET eddy current testing

PMI positive material identification

Ferrite testing

Hardness testing

Hydrostatic testing

Pneumatic testing

ASME Compliant

Fabrication done right the first time.

St. Cloud is your one stop shop for full service heavy steel machining, fabrication, and processing.

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